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Bewegtbild Berlin was found in 2014 by a German film director Maria Fuhrmann, provides digital video communication strategy and production for business on social platform.

“Bewegt” in German means “moving”, and “bild” is “graph”. From still to motion, frames are the bonding keys. “Let’s move, Let’s Bewegt.” is the core idea we establish for Bewegtbild Berlin. We use three directivity triangles combines with the alphabet “B”, to show the sequence of moving scene image.

德國導演 MARIA FUHRMANN 於 2014 年創立 Bewegtbild Berlin 品牌,主要針對企業的網路平台、社群所需的動態媒體提供完善的策略及服務。

BEWEGT 在德文中意指「移動的」,BILD 則是「圖像」,圖像從靜止到移動,這之間需要繁多緊密相扣的環節 (影格)。”Let's move, Let's Bewegt” 是我們為 Bewegtbild Berlin 塑造的概念定義,運用三個有向性的三角形與拉丁字母 ”B” 結合,呈現環節相扣的視覺表現。

T Identity   Y 2014   CD Chi Tai Lin   AD Chi Tai Lin   D Chi Tai Lin, Yu Chien Lin   PM Chi Tai Lin   C MARIA FUHRMANN

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