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Studio Behide is a production company which focuses in animation, advertisement, and visual FX fields and founded in 2015. “Behide” means non-mainstream, it’s not only the way to think individually but also is full of creativities.

It’s named by the word “hiding” as the bottom part of the island as well, big, strong, unpredictable. Instead of saying being hiding, it’s better to say we are ready to being seen.

Behide 海島設計,於 2015 年創立,專注於動畫、廣告、電影、視覺特效等專業領域。”Behide” 是一種處於不被社會主流價值關注、認同時,仍然活的自由且強大的狀態,同時也是一種信念。

我們取「海島」為其品牌象徵,在水平面下隱藏著 ”behide” 字樣作為標誌組合,島嶼和標準字的交疊帶出門戶和窗景意象營造島上住所的生活感,各式應用物承載著島嶼周邊環境變化,天光至夜晚,窗口透著燈火,靜謐且自得的存在著。

T Branding   Y 2016   CD Chi Tai Lin   AD Yu Chien Lin   D Chi Tai Lin, Wun Siang Huang   PM Yu Chien Lin   P Wei Yang Print Plan Agent   PH Wun Siang Huang   C Studio Behide

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