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nomo®creative, a design studio from Taiwan. Founded in 2015, with different experienced people from various backgrounds. nomo®creative showcase covered various industries includes fashion, art, entertainment and technology.

Start A Journey With nomo®creative, To Discover the Deserted Sand, To Find A Wonderland. nomo®creative stands for concise, contemporary design with unique but distinct image, we start a journey without boundary, engage with cultures and humanity.

不毛,台灣獨立設計工作室。來自不同背景的共同創辦人,累積了大量的實務經驗,於 2015 年聯合創立。不毛作品跨足時尚、藝術人文,餐飲娛樂、科技醫療等產業,為其打造品牌識別與視覺形象規劃。


T Branding   Y 2015   CD Yu Chien Lin   AD Chi Tai Lin   D Yu Chien Lin, Chi Tai Lin   C nomo creative Co., Ltd.

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