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M.A.D Company


Make A Difference is the main concept from M.A.D Company.

M.A.D is a production company which focuses in advertisement, film and fashion field founded in 2015, Taipei. It named by the names of three founders, it also means thinking with modern mind combines new technology and 3D production.

That leads us to develop the visual identity with dimensions and Optical. Together with the works M.A.D dose, it helps to communicate that M.A.D tell different stories and think diversity.


M.A.D Company 由來自廣告、影視、時尚產業的資深成員聯合組成,2015 年創立於台北。公司命名取自三位創始人名字首組成,結合創新概念與 3D 後製科技導入廣告內容,致力於視覺影像和媒體整合行銷。

標誌以三個不同面向的字母 (M.A.D) 構成三維空間,具有向內兼容與外在包覆的立體視覺特性。利用錯視的表現象徵 M.A.D 透過由內而外的整合,具有良好的基礎,也擁有敏銳且獨特的前瞻性。藉由將標誌的三維空間轉化為二維線段與標準字結合並導入平面應用系統之中,強化識別層次與體現 M.A.D Company 對理念的堅持及執行力。

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