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Chillin’ Day


The first store of the “CHILLIN’ DAY” milk tea shop is in Donghu, Taipei. The brand name “CHILLN’ DAY” expresses the brand spirit, with is close to everyday life and provides a relaxing experience. Use a variety of tea and raw materials as based creates delicate and healthy specialty drinks. They hope to offer the local customers high-quality drinks and warm service to give them a break moments in their busy daily life.

For the brand identity, the selected fan shape, which has extended characteristics combined with gradual thickness in lines, portrays the rhythmic image of “autumn wind.” Furthermore, in the application system, through the arrangement of logo combinations, using symbols, logotypes, and slogans repeatedly to deepen the crowd’s recognition.

The selected brand color uses sand, and dark green creates an earth tone color palette to ease the busy life surrounding the store and becomes an oasis in the city. For design applications and brand images, use wide-ranging coverage of brand colors and the brand logo; through brand image experience, customers can hold on to brand sprits with relaxed and chill vibes in daily life.

座落於台北東湖的日秋紅白調飲創始店,品牌名 ”CHILLIN’ DAY” 寄寓了日秋貼近日常生活、提供放鬆體驗的品牌精神。以多樣化的茶種及優良原料為根基,調製健康精緻的特色飲品,日秋以定價親民的高品質茶飲及溫暖親切的服務態度,提供在地族群消費者忙碌生活的身心調劑。



T Branding   Y 2021   AD Yu Chien Lin   D Wei Yun Kan, Allison Hsiao   ID Zhi Ray Wang   PM Yu Chien Lin   PH Allison Hsiao (Graphic)   C Chillin’ Day

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