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PEI-TI-HSIANG Secret to Tea Fragrance
杯底香 獨窺幽香

branding, packaging

“Pei-Ti-Hsiang” (Bottom-of-the-Cup Fragrance) dedicate to promote the culture of Taiwan tea. They have been following Taiwan’s professional tea-making artisan. The tea they sell is from various tea plantations of Taiwan and under the in-person supervision from cultivation to finish.

For each tea area with different planting styles and tasting flavors, we translate its representative elements into abstract visual features. Build the ink painting into geometry shape, also with the stylish and modern calligraphy from Taiwanese calligrapher Lin Yen’s, convey the refined yet simple charm of the tea ceremony.

We use the color paper with a strong oriental style and fluffy wool paper with the rough surface in the package to simulate the texture of Chinese handmade ancient book. The package design combines modern design with classic concept, depict cultural atmosphere and philosophical beauty from Pei-Ti-Hsiang.




T Branding, Packaging   Y 2018   AD Yu Chien Lin   D Yu Chien Lin, Wun Siang Huang, Chi Tai Lin   CG Yen Lin   CBP Red   PM Yu Chien Lin   PH Wun Siang Huang   C PTH TEA

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