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毛青茶室 MAOCHI TEA   


The drink shop “Maochi Tea” is operated by 5 experienced tea professionals, apart from this, their main supplier and partner, Kuan Fang Yuan, has over 40 years of heritage on Puer Tea selection, production and conservation, it’s a powerful substance of Maochi Tea’s irreplaceable quality in Taiwanese tea drink Market.

The brand name “Maochi” is a term of tea leaf condition among Puer Tea making progress, to reflect the company’s cornerstone. The visual identity concepts is from mountain terraced field, the origin of tea. Designers blended the details of Chinese calligraphy “Mao (from Mao-chi” into the layer-shaped symbol to express Maochi Tea’s products has rich, various tastes, and the first heart of the operating team.

以手搖茶為主力飲品的毛青茶室,團隊成員皆擁有豐富的台茶經營相關背景,茶品原料來自 1980 年代經營至今,專研普洱茶選料、製作和存放技術及台灣本土茶的廣方圓茗茶,是品牌相當重視其原料品質的有力特徵。


T Branding   Y 2019   CD Yu Chien Lin   AD Chi Tai Lin   D Yu Chien Lin, Chi Tai Lin, Wun Siang Huang   PM Wei Kan   PH Wun Siang Huang   ID KYF Space Design   C MAOCHI Tea

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