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Seclusion of Sage

branding, packaging

Uproariousness lie, leave regrets high and dry, hold ambitious minds, along with exhausted sighs. Find peace in mind, the wonderwall satisfied.

Where refinement sits placidly, resplendence flies. Humble room with fine decor, elegant scholarly calligraphy and paintings, flourishing flowers dripping, reserve a moment for yourself, be a visitor, enjoy farewell to the hustle, ease to sages’ eyes.


成立於 2017 年立冬的棲仙,品牌名意指隱居的哲人,識別標誌原型為中國當代篆刻大師高式熊先生入室弟子楊敏刻製,我們通過現代製圖手法將其轉化為通用標誌,創造東西融合的獨特質地。包裝產品為棲仙暢銷商品玻璃製品,以《大雪》為主題構想,發展了取名為 孔雀 / 白鶴 / 綠松 / 鴿子 / 恋鳥的五款包裝樣式。

T Branding, Packaging   Y 2017-2021   AD Yu Chien Lin  D Yu Chien Lin, Wun Siang Huang   PH Wun Siang Huang (Identity, Packaging)   C Seclusion of Sage

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