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IDC Fermentation in Design

實踐大學設計學院 ─ 國際設計研討會


The concept of “Fermentation” in design was fist conceived by the Bauhaus in Germany in the past century. Similar to how yeast works, a new idea engages in catalytic chemical reactions when it interacts with various organic and inorganic matters around it.

After fermentation, growth and incubation, it transforms completely into the subtle things in life that come to represent the cultures behind them. The new cultural values created—the “Fermented Values”—exist in everything in the daily lives of you and me.

將發酵 (Fermentation) 的概念應用在設計領域,是上一世紀初德國包浩斯醞釀出來的理念。


T Event   Y 2011   CD Talih Shieh, Jack Chang   AD Yu Chien Lin   D Yu Chien Lin   TP Yu Chien Lin   C College of Design, Shih Chien University

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