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"NEMO" is the first album released by the duo rock group JADE in 2019. The album uses an alternative rock music style to portrait the group's psychological state during the past decade. Referring to society, family, and personal emotions, and uses "Captive-Bred Fish" as the album's concept.

The name of "NEMO" came from "Need More," implying the fish inside the fish tank needs more freedom and air. We use fish scales and water ripples as the design elements for the overall album packaging to connect the fish tank's concept and the visual design. Under the album sleeves is the photograph of the group members holding the fish tank as the album cover. The red-orange color showing through the die-cut of the sleeves creates the change between the light and dark while the fish is swimming and as a visual image that echoes the music's concept. The visual effect of the logotype, presents the water waves, and as the key visual effect, thought out each unique song title design.

NEMO》為雙人搖滾組合 JADE 在2019年發行的首張專輯,全輯以另類搖滾曲風詮釋樂團在這十年之間的心理狀態,囊括了社會、家庭和個人情感等題材,並以「被豢養的魚」作為創作概念貫穿整張作品。

NEMO》專輯概念取自 “Need More”,暗示著玻璃缸裡的魚或許需要更多的自由與空氣。為了將視覺形象與玻璃缸意象連結,我們擷取了魚鱗和漣漪元素應用在整體包裝上,封套抽出後則浮現團員手捧玻璃缸的主視覺畫面;此外,透過封套的縷空效果與內側的橘紅色內襯,塑造出小魚游動時的光影變化,呼應音樂本身的創作理念。同時也在 Logotype 呈現了水波折射的效果,並以此作為視覺主軸延展至每一首歌,設計歌曲專屬的圖樣。

T Packaging   Y 2019   AD Yu Chien Lin   D Yu Chien Lin, Chi Tai Lin   DA Wun Siang Huang   P Woozer Woo   PH Huang Jun Tuan (Image) / Wun Siang Huang (Packaging)   C avex taiwan inc.

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