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MARVES is a female fashion clothing brand that use the names as combination of Mars and Venus. In Astrology, Mars is considered as the ideal male type for female, and Venus is the ideal female type for the opposite. The attraction and atmosphere between both has combined together and that’s the birth of MARVES.

As symbols, we took M and V as the represent of the fundamental ideas, use the structure of typeface, combine the alphabets in one image, to draw out the elegant and mysterious vibe. The otter circle stands for the new birth of a planet, and that’s MARVES.

MARVES 是一個女性時裝品牌,品牌命名為取樣火星 (Mars) 和金星 (Venus) 所創造的組合字。在占星學中火星象徵女性心目中容易受吸引的男性類型;金星則象徵男性心目中所容易受吸引的女性類型兩者間互相牽引,任性的結合,促使 MARVES 的誕生。

在 Symbol 設計上,我們取樣「M」和「V」兩個代表性字母作為基本結構運用字母筆畫結構的特性,將「V」隱藏於「M」之中,帶出優雅的氣質和些許神秘氣息。圓形的外輪廓,則象徵著一顆嶄新行星的誕生。

T Branding, Packaging   Y 2016   CD Chi Tai Lin   AD Yu Chien Lin   D Chi Tai Lin, Yu Chien Lin   UI/UX Yu Chien Lin   DA Wun Siang Huang   PM Yu Chien Lin   P Wei Yang Print Plan Agent   PH Chris Lin   C MARVES Inc.

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