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NCKU Museum Exhibition Introduction



NUKU Museum has a long-standing history established from 1933. The predecessor of NCKU Museum is the administrative unit of Tainan Technical College, also the main building is a county designate site.

Museum Exhibition Introduction Vol.1
We illustrate the overlook planar graph of the main building as KV, and use Asian contemporary geometric figure design to deliver the traditional building image.

Museum Exhibition Introduction Vol.3
The concept is “corner”. At the turn of the corner, unknown awaits, the future awaits. Follow the design idea of Vol.1, collocate with irregular plates lying, to create the stereograph perception visual effect.

成功大學博物館建築擁有日治時期以來的悠久歷史,總館建築為市定古蹟,竣工於 1933 年,前身為日治時期總督府台南高等工業學校之行政中心。

博物館展示手冊 Vol.1

博物館展示手冊 Vol.3

T Event   Y 2015 - 2016   AD Yu Chien Lin   CD Chi Tai Lin   D Yu Chien Lin, Wun Siang Huang   C NCKU Museum

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